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Addressed to Greta by Fiona Sussman

A contemporary novel set in New Zealand that also goes to New York, London and Rwanda, Addressed to Greta follows the adventures of an unlikely heroine – Greta Jellings, in her late 30s, who has never done very much with her life. Greta has worked for the past 22 years in a pool chemical shop, and she likes her days to be ones of routine and safety. She lives by her mother’s mantra that you won’t have any disappointments if you have no expectations. But it might be that Greta is full of disappointments, despite this mantra?

Everything changes when she gets a call from a lawyer. Her dear friend Walter has left her a bequest after his untimely death. He has instructed his lawyer to organise a mystery trip around the world, the destinations only to be revealed by Walter's letters, written before his death. So after much angst, Greta decides to chuck in her job, leave her cosy rental property, find a temporary home for her pet chicken Marilyn Monroe and step into the unknown.

This is an endearing and entertaining read, with Greta proving to be a quirky and flawed but highly lovable heroine. Addressed to Greta is an uplifting novel that confirms that it is never too late to go on an adventure. This is a charming story about friendship and one woman daring to get out of her comfort zone and explore not just the world but who she really is as a person. I thought it was terrific, a novel with a great deal of heart.

Reviewer: Karen McMillan

Bateman Books


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