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A Kiwi Went To Sea, Sea, Sea by Peter Millett

A group of plucky kiwi set out for some fun in the sun on, and under, the sea. They hop onto their arious marine crafts in the hope they'll score some sweet tucker to fill their hungry tummies. However, nothing goes to plan when the cheeky, sneaky sea-life surrounding them play havoc with their activities and end up nicking all their kai from beneath their beaks.

This is another clever and funny book that puts a New Zealand spin on a well-known children's rhyme.

Author Peter Millett again teams up with artist Shaun Yeo, and together the pair make this book distinctively New Zealand. They've previously given readers The Anzac Biscuit Man, based on The Gingerbread Man, and Pigs in Sheds, based on The Three Little Pigs. They know what works, and what makes a book one that readers want to keep reaching for.

There's te reo Māori translations of key words and illustrations that focus on our native sea life. The text pays homage to the tongue-twisting classic children's song A Sailor Went To Sea, Sea, Sea and this version is as much of a brain-bender. The repetition makes it a great read aloud, with children able to pick up large parts of the book within just a few reads.

Yeo's illustrations are bright and fun, full of expression and movement that matches the pace of the text. A muted colour palette which adds to the allure alongside his wonderful characters.

A Kiwi Went To Sea, Sea, Sea is another fun and lively collaboration between Millett and Yeo. This tongue-twisting, nautical New Zealand adventure will be a hit with kiwis of all ages.

Reviewed by Rebekah Lyell

Bateman Books, RRP $21.99


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