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A Kitchen Well Travelled by Sai Yoganathan

As reviewed on The Cafe, TV3!

Sai Yoganathan was born in Sri Lanka. She describes this book, A Kitchen Well-Travelled, as her ‘ultimate recipe collection’, showcasing her family traditions, childhood memories, culinary adventures and travel experiences from around the world, including time spent in Africa, New Zealand and Australia.

I have so many favourite recipes from this book – and I love all the use of spices. But there are a few recipes I’d like to highlight:

Thai Pork Cutlets with Pineapple Salsa, which was inspired by her son-in-law introducing her to a Thai dipping sauce.

NZ Lamb with Couscous and Mint Salsa. This is a stunning combination, with the lemony couscous and minty salsa adding the X-factor.

Chicken Pirattal, which is a traditional Sri Lankan curry dish, with garlic, ginger and aromatic spices.

For something sweet, you can’t go past Mum’s delicious date cake – one of a few recipes in the book that Sai has inherited from her mother.

There are also loads of gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan options in the book.

This book is a family affair. There are many family pictures throughout the book, that give it a lovely personal flavour. On a sadder note, the book is dedicated to Sai’s father who died of a brain tumour. But what is really lovely is that all the author royalties go to the New Zealand Brain Tumour Trust.

Reviewed by Karen McMillan

Tarras Press


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