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A Baa-rilliant Adventure by Jennifer Somervell and Zerika Van Jaarsveld

A Baa-rilliant Adventure by Jennifer Somervell takes the well known story of the nativity and changes the perspective completely. And what better perspective could there be than that of the sheep belonging to the shepherds that attended the birth.

Somervell captures the story from the original text and even uses some of the language from the bible to give some context. The final page is filled with detail about the events that unfolded on that night. Somervell’s dedication at the start of the book pays homage to her time in Israel, and that level of detail and authenticity comes through strongly in the book.

In addition, there is a lovely side story where the three protagonist sheep Rumbly, Tumbly and Woolly run into some strife with wolves trying to attack them after they manage to get themselves stuck in a shaft. The shepherds manage to hear their bleats and make it in time to save the three cheeky sheep, but it is another example of the close connection that was held between the shepherds and the sheep. Also the constant danger that is around. Perhaps this works on a metaphorical level also from a Christian perspective.

The illustrations, like some other books written by Somervell, are beautifully crafted by Zerika van Jaarsveld and capture the essence of the story masterfully.

A wonderful little story, told from a totally different perspective that adds to a the known narrative about a special night in the history of the world.

Reviewer: Chris Reed

Landing Lights Press


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