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7 Ways with Jamie Oliver

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

The premise behind this cookbook is really intriguing. Jamie Oliver has done his homework and he’s looked at the 18 top ingredients that most people buy week in, week out as meal staples. So that is things like chicken breasts, salmon fillets, mince, eggs, potatoes, broccoli, to name a few – and one of my personal favourites avocado! So rather than trying to change what we buy, Jamie has come up with 7 different ways to cook each of these hero ingredients. So that’s a total of 126 recipes, which are all family friendly, and with no more than 8 ingredients for each recipe – so we are talking easy to make meals here.

There is everything from fake-aways to tray-bakes to family and freezer favourites. Some stand outs include:

  • Avocado Pastry Quiche. Such an easy, but tasty recipe with avocados being the hero ingredient!

  • Crispy Salmon Tacos. It uses Cajun spice, mango, sweet cherry tomatoes & lime.

  • Greek Aubergine Salad. This combines feta cheese, mint, olives, almonds, lemon & honey.

  • Cheats Fish & Chips. A complete step on a classic dish, with streaky bacon.

  • Butter chicken, with fragrant spices, tomatoes, cashew butter & yoghurt.

The publisher says this is the most-user focused cookbook Jamie has written, and I agree! I think even I could do these recipes, and I’m not very good in the kitchen. My husband who is the foodie in our family thought this book was brilliant, and he has already tried a number of recipes and they are delicious!

Reviewer: Karen McMillan

Penguin Random House


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