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100 Great New Zealand Wineries by Douglas Renall

This is a beautifully presented volume about allows the reader to discover 100 wonderful New Zealand Wineries that are open to visit by the public. Author Douglas Renall is a wine expert after completing a Bachelor of Wine Science and Viticulture, and he’s toured the country visiting vineyards and cellars, and he’s talked to people on the vineyards to gather insights into their viticulture methods. The book has hundreds of colour photographs as well, so as well as fascinating information, it’s also a visual feast.

100 Great New Zealand Wineries would be an invaluable book to have if you are planning a wine tour, or you want to visit a local winery. The book is separated into each of the main wine-making regions. Each winery has their address, website information, their cellar door hours and what grape varieties they grow in the opening of each chapter before readers have the chance to discover in detail about the vineyard, it’s history, the key people, and their methods.

Reading this book makes me realise how successful New Zealand winemakers are, with many award-winning wines, and export success stories in the mix. I thought the writing style was very accessible, and the colour photos taken by Douglas really brings the book to life. Douglas has obviously done a lot of research to undertake a book of this scale and scope, but the final result is well done, and this is a handsome book that will look great on any coffee table or bookcase.

REVIEWER: Iain McKenzie

TITLE: 100 Great New Zealand Wineries

AUTHOR(S): Douglas Renall

PUBLISHER: Bateman Publishing

RRP: $59.99


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