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My New Red Car by David Minty

Two friends discover a trail of destruction as they search for their missing car. They find flattened cars, cars embedded into houses, and cars tangled in power lines. As the search unfolds, they suddenly come face-to-face with the culprit.

My New Red Car came about when author David Minty became a father. He wanted to create a book that would make his children laugh. Teaching himself how to illustrate during his commute to work.

The resulting book is simple, original, and quirky. The story is funny and follows a formula of sorts. After just one read through together, my preschoolers could read it themselves. This is for two simple reasons. One is that the text is simple and they can recall it from memory. But the more important part is that the pictures tell the story. Bright, bold colours pair perfectly with the uncluttered, to the point illustrations. Who knew two yellow squares could hold so much emotion and facial expressions? Yet Minty manages it.

Observant readers might spot the culprit hidden within the pages long before it is revealed. This adds to the fun of the book.

The ending is classic toilet humour. But Minty does it in a way that is both subtle yet downright funny. It's not squeamish or direct. Yet little readers pick up the humour straight away.

Minty has excelled at his goal of making children laugh with My New Red Car. It is a quirky, fun debut from an author and illustrator who understands children's humour. It will be interesting to watch his subsequent releases and see where he goes with his books as his children grow older.

Reviewer: Rebekah Fraser

Minty Books, RRP $19.95

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