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Wild Fire by Ann Cleeves

Set in the wild and remote Shetland islands, Wild Fire is the final book in the Ann Cleeves’ bestselling series featuring DI Jimmy Perez, that has been made into a major BBC drama.

Drawn by the reputation of safety and beauty of the Shetlands, English couple Helena and Daniel, move to the area wanting to give their autistic son Christopher a better life. But things become difficult for them when the previous owner of their home hangs himself in the barn. They are only just getting over the trauma, when Emma, their neighbour’s nanny, is found hanging in the same barn – and Helena discovers her husband was having a relationship with the deceased nanny before she was murdered.

DI Jimmy Perez is called in to investigate, along with his boss and on-off-again lover Willow Reeves – and while suspicious rains down on the family, other’s in the Shetland community come to police attention also.

While investigating the case, Jimmy must contend with a bombshell in his own life when Willow tells him she is pregnant, and he is the father.

Wild Fire could easily be a reference to the plot. The book starts as a slow burn and accelerates as the story unfolds to end quickly with all the threads coming together.

The location is isolated and superficially idyllic, but as the author reveals the layers of island life, we get a feel for the history which contributed to the events.

Ann Cleeves keeps readers guessing until the final page in this multi-layered, character-driven thriller. Wild Fire is a first-rate, accomplished novel.

Reviewer: Karen McMillan

Macmillan, RRP $34.99


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