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Veg by Jamie Oliver

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

Jamie Oliver latest cookbook is completely meat free. The concept behind this cookbook is easy to cook recipes that are accessible and affordable – and they just happen to be recipes without meat. Jamie is keen to get people switched onto the idea that veggie meals can be tasty and comforting, and will leave people enjoying a meal without meat. So you could decide to live a vegetarian lifestyle, or you could decide to go meat-free a day or two a week, so either way this book ticks these boxes.

The recipes look great – an explosion of colour, taste and variety. Here is just a sample of the recipes in the book:

I thought the Angry Bean Salad was impressive. It only takes 20 minutes to create, and it’s a fun combination with fresh chillies and mozzeralla cheese.

I also thought the Brilliant Bhaji Burger would tempt even the most meat loving of people. The patties are made squash, cheese and herbs and spices and are delicious. Serve with the special sauce Jamie has created and some mango chutney on buns and viola!

Anyone would love the Mediterranean Vegetable Rice. It’s so colourful and easy to make, and it tastes great!

Another winner is the Allotment Cottage Pie, which has mushrooms, leeks, swede and lentil, rather than meat. This is a classic comfort dish. My husband cooked it in the weekend and it was tasty and filling.

In short, this is delicious food that also has the bonus of being good for you!

Reviewer: Karen McMillan

Published by Penguin Random House


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