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Two Raw Sisters: All Eaters Welcome by Rosa and Margo Flanagan

Talented siblings Rosa and Margo Flanagan are back with a new collection of accessible plant-based recipes. The Two Raw Sisters live in Christchurch and share a thriving raw food business. They use whole-foods and focus on seasonal produce, making plant-based eating more cost effective, time efficient and easy.

Their mission is simple – to change people’s perceptions of plant-based food. Most people base their meals on meat and add vegetables as a last minute side dish. Rosa and Margo show you how to start your meal with plants and then add meat, dairy, fish or other protein.

“Neither of us is vegan or vegetarian, and we love all kinds of food. But we are firm believers in creating a lifestyle based around eating a majority of plans and whole, unprocessed raw ingredients. We are real, and pride ourselves on having a unique approach to plant-based living,” they say.

Margo and Rosa take everyday staple ingredients and create delicious meals for all times of the day. I was surprised to learn how much more I could do with ingredients already in my pantry!

All Eaters Welcome is divided into recipes for breakfast, snacks, mains and desserts, plus a guide to the art of substitution, pantry must-haves and kitchen tips. Stand out recipes include a cacao breakfast mousse, matcha hemp bars, middle eastern legume salad, stuffed eggplant and passionfruit slice.

What I like most about All Eaters Welcome is its individual approach and flexibility. It doesn’t matter if you are gluten-free, vegan, flexitarian or a meat eater, because the sisters expertly show you how to substitute ingredients and adapt recipes to suit your needs.

“Like many people, we’ve had our struggles. We’ve come through personal health issues like chronic fatigue and battles with being an under-weight elite athlete. This book will let you into some of the secrets of how we have changed up our lifestyles,” they say.

Follow Rosa and Margo, the Two Raw Sisters online.

Reviewer: Andrea Molloy Bateman Books, RRP $39.99


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