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Titan the Truck by Joy H Davidson

Titan is a big red truck, that pulls all kinds of things. He’s big and strong and powerful, and shines with lots of bling. People depend on him for mail, for food, and freight. Titan pulls the trailers with loads that just can’t be late! Titan the Truck is a fun readalong, and singalong story, about the bright red truck and the work he, and his friends, do to keep our country moving. When Titan suffers an accident while on the road, his friends must pull together to help make sure his load makes it on time.

The story follows Baz and Titan from the very start of their journey getting petrol, right through to Titan’s triumphant return to the road following an accident. It’s a story for the country’s unsung heroes who tackle the roads every day and offers a nice insight to what a ‘typical’ day might entail.

With rhyming sentences and a strong story about the loveable truck, it was a fun book to read aloud.

However, it was a touch too long and repetitive for my little readers, whose attention wandered about three-quarters through.

Illustrator Scott Tulloch creates wonderful caricatures of the inanimate vehicles, making them take on their own personalities. However, they don’t lose their structure, with the vehicles all clean lines and perfectly proportioned. His countryside scenes are instantly recognisable as being within New Zealand.

The downloadable song to accompany book is a nice addition. However, be warned that it is almost its own song. There was some frustration to start with as we realised that the song didn’t match the book. It made it hard for my pre-schoolers trying to follow along, turning the page and tracking with their fingers.

While the song does not match the book exactly, it does cover most pages and does stand by itself as a song. It would be nice to have the full lyrics of the song available for using within early childhood or school settings.

Author Joy Davidson says she writes to encourage a love of reading in children. Titan will appeal to those children that love machinery, trucks and other vehicles. It is the first in a series and it will be interesting to see how Davidson builds on the story.

Reviewer: Rebekah Fraser

DHD Publishing, RRP $19.99


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