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Tide's Out - Tai Timu by Frances Plumpton

Based on a photographic book author Frances Plumpton made for her grandchildren, Tide's Out Tai Timu is an adorable bilingual counting book.

Children explore the beach at low tide, with text in both English and te reo Māori.

It reinforces counting skills while introducing younger readers to the fascinating seashore life on New Zealand beaches. Plumpton includes some wonderful language features within the book - "one sprig of salty seaweed" such a lovely example of alliteration. There's also great descriptive words, knobbly and twisty, that keep readers interested and make it a nice one to read aloud.

The te reo Māori translation, by Darryn Joseph, uses simple sentence structures and sets learners of the language up for success.

Plumpton includes some additional items to find, with a lovely find and seek page at the end of the book. Although set at Huia on the Manukau Harbour, many of these shells, creatures and birds can be found on beaches throughout the country.

Beautiful watercolours by Stephanie Thatcher capture the joy of meandering along the foreshore. Thatcher's dreamy illustrations aren't just decorative - they help stimulate the reader's imagination and add another layer of meaning to the story. Her illustrations will allow children that aren't yet able to read the words of the book, to invent their own story.

Tide's Out - Tai Timu is a simply lovely book that will help children reinforce their counting skills whilst introducing them to the fascinating seashore life on New Zealand beaches.

Reviewed by Rebekah Lyell

Mary Egan Publishing, RRP $20


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