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The Tallest Truck Gets Stuck by Pat Chapman

Any pre-schooler who loves machinery would be immediately attracted by the smiling faces and the bright colours of Bendy Wendy the forklift, Little Pallet Jack and Turret Truck on the cover of ‘The Tallest Truck gets Stuck’. The illustrations are cheerful, bright and appealing throughout this story which is told in four line rhyming verses-perfect for little people to join in with once they become familiar with the book- and it tells the kind of story they will love. First of all the various machines in the warehouse are charmingly presented; for example Little Pallet Jack is a scooter dude. After that, a problem arises - One day in the warehouse…Turret Truck tries to lift a heavy load and his wheels slip from the track.

‘He can’t move forward

and he can’t get back’

His friends, Bendy Wendy and Jack work together to set him back into the track so that he is able to accomplish his task.

This would also be a great story to read and discuss within a group. Children adore stories where difficulties arise for characters who are finally rescued. ‘The Tallest Truck gets Stuck’ shows, too, how working together as a team can provide the best solution. Turret Truck recognises that despite being the tallest, he needs the others as well. And he says thank you.

Reviewer: Paddy Richardson

Upstart Press, RRP $19.99


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