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The Rise of the Remarkables: Brasswitch and Bot by Gareth Ward

Until now, being called Brasswitch might have got you killed. Now, it might just save your life.

Recruited to the sinister department of Regulators who hunt down others like her, Wrench teams up with their maverick mechanical leader, Bot, as they are tasked with halting the rise of the aberration threat.

The Brasswitch Wrench must master her powers, knowing they offer her only hope of survival...if they don't destroy the world first.

Author Gareth Ward, aka The Great Wardini, is a magician and storyteller.

His first novel, The Traitor and the Thief, is a rip-roaring young adult steampunk adventure and this new series follows the same thread.

Brasswitch and Bot is full of action and high-stakes from the very first page.

At first I was a little lost, Ward does drop the reader straight into a world not at all like our own. However, if you relax and let the story wash over you, eventually a fantasy world packed full of magical steampunk inventions and machinery comes to life.

Wrench is a great character, and it was refreshing to have a female in the lead role. She is clever, brave and mechanically minded - in an uncanny way.

There is intrigue and drama, with plenty of plot twists and deep characters that have you questioning motives and history.

This would be a great read aloud book for upper primary school aged children, with plenty of humour and action to keep adults entertained too.

Brasswitch and Bot is a bit of a refreshing read for this age too - it's not a coming of age tale nor is it packed with youthful hints of romance. It's an adventure and mystery, combined with science and magic.

A fun and engaging read that will cast a spell on all who read it. I can't wait to see where the series heads next.

Reviewed by: Rebekah Lyell

Walker Books, RRP $22.99


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