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The Recipe by Josh Emett, photography by Kieran E. Scott

Updated: May 2, 2019

Josh Emett is an internationally acclaimed chef who has worked in Michelin Star restaurants around the world. He’s been a guest judge on the US edition of Hell’s Kitchen and is a MasterChef NZ judge. His love of food started as a child growing up in a dairy farm in New Zealand.

The Recipe is the ultimate cooking companion for the home cook. Josh says, ‘These are the recipes that you must cook at least once in your life.’

Josh has selected the most iconic and beloved dishes from the past fifty years. There are over 300 recipes from 150 of the world’s finest chefs and cooks, such as Al Brown, Gordon Ramsay, Rick Stein, Peter Gordon and many more.

Josh Emett has painstakingly recreated each recipe, and recipes are complemented by award-winning photographer Kieran E. Scott.

The Recipe is divided into nine sections from staples, soups, salads and vegetables to the key protein groups, baking and desserts, each recipe is accompanied by notes from Josh. Each recipe also has a guide to the complexity, so between Josh’s notes and this information people will be able to select recipes appropriate to their skill level.

Looking through the book, my husband, aka The Celtic Cook, has already earmarked the following recipes to cook:

Mushroom & Prosciutto Vincigrassi; Meat & Spinach Cannelloni; Prawn, Sesame & Peanut Pad Thai; Sweetcorn Pancakes; Scrambled Eggs; Bacon, Pea & Goat Cheese Frittata; Green Shakshuka; Carrots Vichy; St George’s Mushrooms, Garlic & Parsley on Sourdough Toast; French-style peas; Colcannon; Classic Fish Pie, Chicken Pot Pie; Lamb Shank Rogan Josh; Guinness & Oyster Pie; and Banoffee Pie.

I’m looking forward to eating some wonderful food in the coming weeks!

The Recipe is a handsome, timeless hardback that should grace every kitchen.

Reviewer: Karen McMillan

Published by Upstart Press


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