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The Lying Room by Nicci French

The idea that a regular person can unwittingly find themselves at a crime scene and be in immense danger is frightening. It’s this chilling premise that will keep you up late, trying to unravel this thriller.

Neve discovers a murdered man and doesn’t call the police. It’s a man she knows, but she doesn’t tell anyone at all! Instead, she methodically cleans the crime scene, removing all traces of what actually happened.

Neve Connolly is a wife, mother and dependable colleague. She is known to be friendly, reliable and trustworthy. Neve has also made mistakes, some small, some unconsciously, some large and some deliberate. Now, one mistake is spiralling out of control and threatens Neve and her family.

Once the murder victim is found, Detective Inspector Hitching’s investigation quickly leads to Neve. Everyone he questions, suggests he speak with Neve, because she’s the one people talk to and confide in. Will Neve have the answers to solve this mysterious crime? Even if she does have the answers, can or will she tell the truth? More importantly, who can she trust?

Nicci French delivers an adrenalin rush in this expertly paced novel. This is perfect holiday reading for a lazy afternoon or travelling during the festive season.

Reviewer: Andrea Molloy

Simon & Schuster


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