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The Lucky Taco Cookbook by Sarah & Otis Frizzell

It’s tough to think of a more portable, delicious, and tasty experience in food than the magic of the humble taco. Sarah and Otis Frizzell (yes, of the artistsy pedigree) have captured the hearts and stomachs of Aucklanders with their edgy and delicious food truck of The Lucky Taco.

For those who have not had the magical opportunity to try one of these parcels of deliciousness, it is vital that you seek them out as soon as possible and partake in one of the best things to come from a truck since you won that cash in a raffle from the local school fair.

As you’d imagine from the creative minds of the Frizzell dynasty, the layout and artistic presentation of the food and the book itself is a piece of art in and of itself, as are many of the dishes. Making a few of these really is quite straightforward and enjoyable - and, of course, delicious. There is something about making Mexican inspired food that really sets the heart thumping and just enjoyable from start to finish.

Particular stand outs for the whanau were the chorizo and egg taco and the use of tongue (surprisingly, considering some pretty fussy children in the mix). But, clearly, it is the sauces that make or break the meal. There were several iterations with and without the recommended sauces, and they really did make all the difference. Pro tip - don’t skimp on the sauces.

The humour, energy, and innovative style of these two comes off the page in spades as you meander your way through a lazy Saturday afternoon wondering what to make this weekend for dinner, or a dinner party.

There is only one other thing to add to this, ensure you make the Mac-n-cheese. It’s even ‘R’ rated. But my goodness, it is delicious and well worth the extra effort required to make it. This is a must-buy for anyone even remotely interested in the joys of Mexican food or cooking.

Reviewer: Chris Reed

Random House NZ


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