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The Little Yellow Digger Finds Treasure by Peter Gilderdale

The Little Yellow Digger is back and this time it's at the beach. After the digger rescues a truck stuck on the beach, Charlie the dog excitedly uncovers something else buried in the sand. Further investigation reveals what looks like a treasure chest, but who knows what is inside.

This all new Little Yellow Digger book is bound to delight fans, both old and new. Written by Betty and Alan Gilderdale's son Peter, this new adventure uses the same rhyme and rhythm we associate with the beloved character. While I'm not normally a fan of picture books that rely on rhyme to tell a story, this one flowed a lot better than some books that have graced our shelves lately. It flows nicely as a read aloud and there's not too many spots that feel forced.

The introduction of Charlie the dog will delight younger readers, and what is in the chest is bound to start some wonderful conversations.

Illustrator Fifi Colston sets the scene in a distinctly New Zealand story. Red fringed pohutukawa, our sweeping coastlines, the distinctive blue and yellow of the police, and Sir Ernest Rutherford all grace the pages. It's always a delight for readers to recognise themselves in the pages, and Colston does a great job of making this relatable to many Kiwi kids. My younger readers loved the little humorous touches Colston sneaks in - Charlie with an eye patch, and a crab bejewelled with gold were particular favourites.

This is Peter's fourth Little Yellow Digger book, continuing the legacy of his late mother, Betty. He honours the 'classic' recipe for a Little Yellow Digger story Betty set up with the original. It is a simple story, with a strong narrative and the type of twist that really appeals to younger readers.

Reviewed by Rebekah Lyell

Scholastic, RRP $21.99


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