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The Lighthouse by Christopher Parker

Eighteen-year-old Amy Tucker is overcome with grief after her mother dies in a tragic car accident. She has never been particularly close to her police officer father, but they are even more distant since the accident. Her father goes on police business to the small town of Seabrook for an overnight stay, and he takes Amy with him after his brother suggests a change of scenery could help them both.

Seabrook is famous for its abandoned, haunted lighthouse, and it is in this quaint town that Amy meets Ryan Porter. He is devoted to his father, who suffered a stroke four years earlier, and Ryan single-handedly runs the ranch that they live on. But the ranch is threatened with foreclosure despite all of Ryan’s efforts, and he is running out of time to fix things. Worse still is that his father doesn’t know about their financial difficulties. Ryan has kept him in the dark, fearing the stress will cause another stroke.

Amy and Ryan have an instant, unexplainable connection, and despite the troubles they both have, they spend a magical day together, forging a deep bond. But nothing is as it seems in Seabrook, and soon strange events are happening all around the town, and it seems their meetings wasn’t the accident they both thought. Everything leads back to the mysterious lighthouse, where they discover a life-shattering secret that will change their lives forever.

The Lighthouse is a beautifully written novel that is emotionally compelling but ultimately an uplifting tale of love and hope. The characters are exceptionally well-drawn, the setting is unforgettable, and it takes you on an incredible journey of loss and love to a pitch perfect ending.

The Lighthouse is an astonishing, unputdownable debut. This is the best novel I have read this year, and I would recommend it for its thought-provoking and original story.

Reviewer: Karen McMillan

Beacon Press


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