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The Invisible Wounds Workbook by Kay Douglas

A companion book to the bestselling book Invisible Wounds: A guide for women in abusive relationships, this is a guide for women in hurtful relationships. It is both empowering and compassionate.

The Invisible Wounds Workbook: Self-reflection for women in abusive relationships covers various topics that include how to clarify harmful behaviours and acknowledge the personal cost. Kay Douglas also looks at understanding why your partner may behave as he does and assessing your children’s wellbeing.

This all leads to weighing up the options of whether to stay or go. If you stay, there are strategies for strengthening yourself within the relationship and increasing your safety. If you choose to go, there is helpful information for you starting a new life, recovering from the relationship, and avoiding abusive relationships in the future.

The Invisible Wound Workbook is an invaluable guide to help women who are anxious and stressed around their partner, helping to evaluate their situation with thought-provoking questions, informative checklists and practical strategies. This book is both compassionate and empowering, written by a registered psychotherapist who specialises in anger, abuse, and trauma. Kay Douglas walks gently alongside the reader, providing insight for women caught in a bad place in their lives, offering hope and solutions.

Reviewer: Karen McMillan

Speaking from the Heart Publishing


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