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The Ghost Ship by Kate Mosse

I adore all books by Kate Mosse, and The Ghost Ship is once again a novel that had me frantically turning the pages until the brilliant ending.

The Ghost Ship is the third book in The Joubert Family Chronicles, so I’d utterly recommend that you read The Burning Chambers and The City of Tears before you begin this volume.

The latest book is set from 1610 to 1621, and it follows the story of Louise Reydon-Joubert, who inherits the family fortune after both her parents were killed, and she was brought up by her grandparents. Her passion is sailing, and she would love to captain a ship, but such things are impossible for a woman. But it’s not impossible as a rich young woman to own a ship…

The Ghost Ship is also about Gillies, a young person who is forced to change their identity at a young age and to live a lie. Louise and Gillies's lives collide when there is a murder, and to survive, they embark on a sea voyage like no other. They eventually are part of the ‘Ghost Ship’ that hunts down pirates in an attempt to stop the slave industry. But can they survive something so risky? What will become of them when the authorities turn their attention to their activities?

This thrilling saga goes from Paris to Amsterdam to the Canary Islands. The Ghost Ship is a swashbuckling, thrilling adventure on the high seas, with just the right amount of love and revenge, murder and mystery, and hidden secrets. It’s also a wonderful story of strong women in a man’s world. I can’t wait for the next instalment!

Reviewer: Karen McMillan



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