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The Flight of My Life by Jennifer Somervell

It’s the 1970s and Margery’s brother, a topdressing pilot, lands on the farm. Eight-year-old Margery is desperate to fly, but her older sisters scorn the idea. The Flight of My Life lets readers join Margery as she contends for the flight of her life. Readers will also discover how the first, brave topdressing pilots took to the skies to spread fertiliser on New Zealand farms.

Based on a true story, the story is written by Jennifer Somervell about her brother Michael and sister Margery. It is a sweet story, and readers will feel like they're right in the cockpit alongside Margery and Michael. Illustrated by Margery, this is a lovingly remembered and told tale by the family.

Both Margery and Jennifer are teachers and the book features a non-fiction, educational section.

It is loaded with information about topdressing and planes, the family, ground-breaking New Zealand women pilots and an in-depth glossary.

City kids will enjoy letting their imaginations take flight as they learn about topdressing. But the magic of this book is what rural children will get from it. This is a part of life for them and to see it in print will be very special indeed.

The sisters have written other books about their childhood adventures, including The Day Dad Blew Up The Cowshed, The New Old Truck, The Eel Hunt, and A Very Greedy Tale. They are all authentic stories, packed full of New Zealand's rural 'number 8 wire' attitude.

Drawn from a family's childhood adventures growing up on a New Zealand dairy farm in the 1970s, The Flight of My Life is a wonderful read.

Reviewer: Rebekah Lyell Tales from the Farm Publications


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