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The Easter Bunny Hunt by Stacy Gregg


Easter is here! But where are all the eggs? Cat and Dog go on a search for a much-awaited Easter visitor. But Dog's description of the Easter Bunny leaves a few gaps for Cat to fill in. Soon their home is full of many other long-eared, fluffy-tailed creatures who are more than ready to join in the celebration.

The Easter Bunny Hunt sees author Stacy Gregg and illustrator Sarah Jennings team up again to take readers back to the antics of Cat and Dog, first introduced in their picture book In or Out. Don't worry if you've not read the first in the series, though; each book stands alone.

The Easter Bunny Hunt is a fun read about teamwork and friendship that younger readers aged 3-5 will love. Gregg uses a simple, repeated sentence structure, making it a story that even the youngest of readers will be able to read along with. This is a fun book to read aloud too, one where older readers can really add some personality and expression to each character.

Jennings understands the importance of the illustrations, drawing readers in with bright bold colours and cute characters. Much of the story is told in the pictures, with each page inviting readers to participate in the story, regardless of their reading ability. Whose long ears are in the bush? Whose does that twitchy nose belong to? 

Jennings is based in London, while Gregg is from New Zealand, so it was interesting to see which season the illustrations reference. That minor niggle for New Zealand readers is forgivable though, because Jennings' illustrations are fun. Dog's expressions as the book progresses are gold, and there are lots of little details that will delight younger readers.

The Easter Bunny Hunt is a fun picture book with perfectly matched illustrations that younger readers will want to read over and over.


Reviewer: Rebekah Lyell

HarperCollins Publishers


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