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The Crayons' Christmas by Drew Daywalt

'Tis the season for all of us to write our holiday wishlists. But everyone - even those infamous crayons - know the best presents are the ones that you give.

This brand new Crayons book, from the best-selling duo of Drew Daywalt and illustrator Oliver Jeffers, has been released just in time for the holidays.

It is much more than just a picture book though.

In this unique book, readers get to see how Duncan, the crayons, and their families celebrate the holidays. With real, folded letters from the Crayons that you can pull from their envelopes and read, games, punch-out ornaments, a poster, and a pop-up tree, this book is the perfect gift for fans of The Day the Crayons Quit and The Day the Crayons Came Home.

The book riffs off its predecessors, in a charming, funny way. Peach crayon, for example, is gifted some clothes to compensate for her nakedness in the previous books. Included on her page is a Christmas card from her parents, and a paper doll of Peach, along with an array of outfits.

Hannukah is also celebrated, and readers can make their own dreidel using supplies included in the book.

The book is very clever and beautifully presented. Each activity is housed within a 'present' or envelope, making it an extremely tactile book.

Little readers especially will adore discovering what is hidden inside the book. Having a tactile experience, alongside listening and looking at the book, helps engage those with a kinetic learning style. Add in the fact that the activities require (generally) adult help, this book makes for a lovely bonding experience.

The Crayons' Christmas would make a delightful gift for little readers this Christmas. It would be perfect to read together on Christmas Eve to build anticipation for the day ahead.

Reviewer: Rebekah Fraser HarperCollilns, RRP $29.99


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