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The Big Questions: What is New Zealand's Future? by various authors

Do you worry about what the future will mean for the next generation? How will climate change impact our children's lives? Where will they live? What skills will they need for a digital future? Will they find employment? Will we be okay? Collectively, New Zealand is becoming increasingly more anxious about our future.

Discover what local experts believe has caused our nation's current problems, issues that concern us all and how we can make a positive change.

This insightful book opens with business journalist Rod Oram discussing the impact of climate change on our economy. Housing strategist Leonie Freeman considers how we can solve the housing crisis. Green MP Golriz Ghahramam asks what it takes to be truly recognised as a 'Kiwi' and former Telecom CEO Theresa Gattung examines the lack of women in senior management positions. Other essayists include Felicity Goodyear-Smith on healthcare, Peter O'Connor on arts, Jacinta Ruru on nation unity and Tim Watkin on politics.

Having recently read Don't Worry About the Robots: How to survive and thrive in the new world of work, I was particularly interested to read the essay on automation in the workplace. This chapter focuses on what types of work can be automated and how widespread it is likely to be.

What makes this book so accessible is the diverse range of perspectives about our way of life. Each writer is an expert in their field and has a strong voice tackling the issues in their specialty. Common themes also emerge, including the need for us to bear in mind the bigger picture. While the writers acknowledge individual problems need solving, their position within a framework needs to be taken into account too.

The Big Questions explores the issues that will impact every New Zealanders life in an engaging and thoughtful way. Recommended reading for all Kiwis.

Reviewer: Andrea Molloy Penguin New Zealand, RRP $38.00


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