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The Best Things in Life are Cheese by Ellie and Sam Studd

The Studd family joke is that their veins run with brie instead of blood, and this book from siblings Ellie and Sam Studd oozes with a passion for cheese. Their father is none other than legendary cheese expert Will Studd.

Ellie and Sam guide you through the key categories of cheese. Everything from blue cheeses and washed rinds to fresh cheeses such as mozzarella. They tell each cheese story, explaining how they are made and sharing tasting notes for their favourite cheeses in each category.

It truly has everything you need to know about cheese. How to buy, store, cook, and match it with other food and wines, and the text and photography is fun and appealing. With 70 delicious recipes, including Mac and Cheese Three Ways, Summer Halloumi and Watermelon Salad, Baked Camembert with Caramelised Apple and Roasted Hazelnut, and the best-ever Cheese Toasties, you will find loads of creative but simple dishes with cheese.

The Best Things in Life are Cheese is practical and quirky and will be a regular fixture in your kitchen once you own this fabulous book.

Reviewer: Karen McMillan

Pan Macmillan


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