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The Best Dog in the World Pat Chapman

What makes a dog so special? Is it because they are funny and clever? Is it because they try to help and don't always get it right?

This picture book is a playful look at everyone's best friend -- the dog. Author Pat Chapman and illustrator Cat Chapman team up to create a humorous take on the irony of life with a dog. From 'helping' in the garden and tidying up the house, to bedtime stories and waiting so quietly for dinner, dogs in all shapes and sizes are celebrated in this book.

The formulaic text makes it a delight for younger readers. Just a few reads through and they'll have picked it up in no time, allowing them to take ownership and 'read' the book.

Cat's illustrations are full of humour, colour and movement. Each dog has it's own distinct look and personality, and it's clear the pair are dog lovers with lots of expression and flair on each pooch.

This would make a wonderful gift for young dog lovers. The book's end pages also include a space for children to write their own dog's name in it, as well as space for a photograph or drawing.

A sweet and simple picture book dedicated to man's best friend that little dog lovers will adore.

Reviewer: Rebekah Fraser

Upstart Press, RRP $19.99

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