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Tangled Up, by Megan Hart Sarah Morgan & Lauren Dane

If the cold weather is starting to get to you, it may be time to pick up a copy of Cosmo’s latest Red-Hot Reads from Harlequin. In Tangled Up, Romance genre stars Megan Hart, Sarah Morgan and Lauren Dane come together with some steamy adult short fiction.

Megan Hart tests the boundaries in Crossing the Line. Caite Fox is working her dream job in a high end PR firm. Unexpectedly, she is forced to work alongside her extremely sexy boss, Jamison Wolfe. While Caite desperately tries to control her lust for him, Jamison struggles to give her the professional control she needs to be able to reel in some reality stars, celebrities that will boost the firm’s media ratings. Soon, as their desire for each other grows, it is not just his control in the workplace that Jamison must let go of, and no longer her lust that Caite controls.

Imagine being dumped by your boyfriend (because you are not feminine enough for him) while your ex-boyfriend – the one love of your life – is within earshot. This is the case for Rosie Miller in Sarah Morgan’s Burned. To make matters worse, after fleeing the restaurant, Rosie gets attacked in the street and said ex, Hunter Black, must come to her rescue. Then Rosie learns that he has reappeared, out of the blue, to run the martial arts gym she loves working at. But, what happens when their proximity reignites old sparks?

In Lauren Dane’s Cake, Wren Davis is working as a bike messenger, using the job to pay her way through art school so she can do the work she really wants as a graphic designer. Something else she really wants is the tattooed, pierced and sensual Russian artist, Gregori Ivanov, one of her regular deliveries, and a celebrity on the Seattle art scene. Over time, the two become friends, but soon both desire more from each other than friendship: they both want to have their “cake”.

Each of these stories is a short, easy read, written to be devoured. Clearly the works of skilled romance writers, all three spicy stories are packed full of sexual tension and certainly manage to turn up the heat, even though they are limited to only about 100 pages each. These are well-paced plots, full of drama, that each tells a very different story.

What impressed me most about this collection of novellas is that all of them, aside from being delightfully naughty, had really interesting characters. These are strong women, who know what they want: Caite explores this sexually, playing the role of dominatrix; Rosie holds her own in the male dominant world of martial arts; Wren manages a perfect balance between working and pursuing her passion, and won’t be steered off course, even for a very, very hot man. As a woman, I would like to discover a little bit of each of these heroines in me.

This sinfully sexy collection of short stories will make for a wonderful bit of naughty indulgence. These smoking hot novellas are definitely triple the fun!


TITLE: Tangled Up

AUTHOR(S): Megan Hart, Sarah Morgan, Lauren Dane

PUBLISHER: Harlequin


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