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Talking Baby by Margaret Maclagan & Anne Buckley

Talking Baby is an invaluable guide for any parent or grandparent. Authors Margaret Maclagan and Anne Buckley are two specialists in children’s language development, and they have created a very easy-to-read book that combines fun facts and practical suggestions. The book gives a comprehensive understanding of speech development, drawing on their combined 40 years’ experience. The book is attractively presented with short, easy-to-read chapters, a thankfully slim volume that I’m sure will be appreciated by busy adults with small children.

Talking Baby addresses all the questions that parents and grandparents might have. My 18-month-child isn’t saying anything. Should I be worried? How early should I start reading to my child? Is it better to use grown-up language, or ‘baby talk’?

There is also a table of milestones, although the authors are very firm that children develop in their own time, so this is only a guide. While being a very practical book, it does make you realise what a magical time it is when young children are learning to talk, and how complex and subtle the entire process is.

There are many real-life examples in the book, and numerous practical suggestions. It’s a delightful book that I think will provide a lot of reassurance and tips for families with young children.

Reviewer: Iain McKenzie

Published by Canterbury University Press


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