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Take the Lead: How to Care for Your Dog by Elena Browne, illustrated by Jennifer Farley

Take the Lead is a colourful and engaging guide for children that goes through everything they need to know about dog ownership. The book addresses if they are ready to have a dog, discussing the different things to consider when choosing a dog for the family. Once a dog has been chosen, there is information about choosing a name and introducing them to its new home.

Take the Lead establishes all you need to know about what you will need to look after your dog, and it also gives insight into how a dog thinks and implementing some house rules. There is invaluable information about training your dogs, with simple and effective dos and don’ts. There is information about walking your dog and picking up the poo! There is also a great section on feeding your dog and a list of foods that are no-nos.

There is information on grooming and socialising your dog and a fun section about doggie superpowers, with their sense of smell and hearing being significantly more than humans.

This delightful and practical book is perfectly pitched to children with its simple, readable text and fun illustrations. It has all the information for children to know what they need to be the best dog owners! Any family considering getting a dog should first buy a copy of Take the Lead – and even those with dogs already will find the information invaluable in this child-friendly guide.

Reviewer: Karen McMillan

Upstart Press, RRP $22.99


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