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Sun Shower by Melinda Szymanik

The Clouds think Sun and Rain would get along well, but Rain thinks Sun doesn't want to know her. Sun always vanishes whenever Rain turns up and vice versa. The Clouds persist though and their scheming pays off with the most beautiful of unions.

Author Melinda Szymanik's lyrical text is a delight to read. There's some lovely language features and Szymanik's writing flows so smoothly. Her descriptions of the elements are bang on, with treasures such as "marshmallow-white to a damp kind of grey," and "lightning fizzed across their faces" to discover. Szymanik's take on this modern myth of how rainbows happen is a delight to read aloud and to listen to.

There's also pearls of wisdom hidden within - thanks to the Clouds. They let our younger readers know to seek out the good in people but also how we need difference in order for things to happen.

The story has also been translated into te reo Māori by Pānia Papa. He Tārū Kahika is a faithful translation and Papa helpfully includes a glossary for those learning the language, or for the more poetic words.

Illustrator Joy Te Aho-White's watercolour-style illustrations are equally as delightful as the writing. Her personifications of the elements help bring the characters to life. However, the magic happens when you delve a bit deeper - the illustrations are bursting with life in the land below. Te Aho-White includes the landscape and human effects on it and she traverses terrain that every reader will recognise, from city to country.

Sun Shower is a sweet story that introduces younger readers to science concepts through a magical myth. It's a lyrical read that will be a bright spot on any bookshelf.

Reviewer: Rebekah Lyell

Scholastic NZ


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