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Stories for 7 Year Olds

Stories for 7 Year Olds is a selection of twenty-five short stories written specifically for seven year olds, by various New Zealand authors. From icky food and itchy jerseys, to big feet and bothersome friends; these stories cover a wide range of scenarios that could be faced in the every day life of any seven year old.

Each story has a different spark to it; a creative flourish that makes it unique. It is a very well put together bunch of stories as well; I think that they compliment each other nicely.

Whilst reading this book, the first and only real negative thought I had was that although the subject matter and story layout was entirely wonderful for a child aged seven, some of the words and phrases were maybe a bit complicated for them to read on their own, depending on their reading level. As a book to be read with another older person such as a parent or sibling however, it would be fantastic. As there were a wide variety of story topics in this compilation, it could be suited to every type of child; whether they’re a girl or a boy; sporty or shy; quiet or outgoing, there’s something for everyone.

The language was just as colourful as the characters, and it really was a showcase of New Zealand talent. There was also a very notable ‘kiwi’ feel to a lot of the stories, giving them a homeliness and relatability factor that is important for a young child who is in the process of finding themselves in terms of their culture and place in society.

My personal favourite stories from this quaint collection would have to be The World’s Worst Jersey by Rebecca Hayward, A Pack of Girls by Sandy McKay, and The Unicorns by Jane Buxton. These stories stuck out (by only a fraction, mind you) as my favourites simply because they appealed to my sense of humour. Every single other story in this compilation has its own merits and I guarantee that there will be many children who will find pleasure in them in the future.

REVIEWER: Kristen Nicholas

TITLE: Stories for 7 Year Olds

PUBLISHER: Penguin Random House

RRP: $19.99


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