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Smart Photos by Jo Bradford

The subtitle, 52 Ideas to Take Your Smartphone Photography to the Next Level says it all! Most of us have a smartphone camera but few of us know how to make the most of all its features. The great thing about a phone camera is it’s something we often have with us, so it’s super convenient.

I’ve always been interested in and experimented with photography, but I’ve never owned a specialist camera. However, photography expert and author Jo has inspired me to use my camera phone in some very interesting ways.

In Smart Photos, Jo invites us to consider our smartphones as powerful cameras rather than just connected devices. Jo expertly shows readers how to take better photos, providing a perfect blend of practical guidance and inspiration.

Smart Photos includes more than 50 projects to maximise the capabilities of your phone camera including freelensing, light writing, rim lighting, inversion, vertical panoramas, panning, intentional camera movement (ICM), long-exposure, product photography, mirror portal, reflections and shadows. There’s also very useful sections on photographic terms and jargon, plus lighting and equipment.

“The photo projects in this book are ones that you might expect couldn’t be done with a smart phone… some of them may look technically challenging or difficult but they are actually quite simple,” she says.

Better still, most of the practical exercises can be done anywhere, anytime. Jo provides clear steps and highlights the simplicity of smart photos. I have enjoyed playing with her practical exercises and reconnecting with my creativity. Smartphone photography is fun and capturing the moments that matter enhances the feel-good factor. Thanks to Jo, I’m actively seeking more creative opportunities.

“As with any creative mindset, stay curious. Stay open to seeing interesting images all around you, not just the beautiful scenes,” she says.

Jo Bradford is a professional photographer and the author of the bestselling guide Smartphone, Smart Photography. She lives in the United Kingdom and owns Green Island Studios. Follow Jo online.

Reviewer: Andrea Molloy White Lion Publishing, RRP $27.99


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