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Singing In The Rain by Rachel Kelly

In this inspirational workbook Rachel Kelly, who has had a history of depression, shares 52 life-affirming exercises and activities to guide you towards a sense of peace and resilience.

The book follows Kelly’s motto, ‘small and do-able’, and urges readers to take action and help combat stress, anxiety and depression.

‘I know that, in my own life, these small moves, done with little fanfare, have helped me hold onto that little bit of sunshine, even on the rainiest days,’ Kelly says.

Featuring easy-to-follow exercises and puzzles, Singing in the Rain is completely interactive and has something for everyone, whether it’s wanting to deal with a difficult conversation or writing a letter to a loved one.

Kelly based the exercises on numerous psychological studies as well as feedback from experts and others involved in the world of mental health.

Her exercises build on the concept of a growth mindset – the idea that our brains are not fixed and hard-wired, but malleable and can change in response to experience. These small activities, one for each week of the year, allow people to, little by little, create a new sense of purpose.

The book is divided into four sections, with Kelly stating to think of it a bit like learning to sing; warming up, developing your voice, expanding your range, and finally, hitting the high notes.

To begin with readers are asked to think of their physical wellbeing, given the link with mental health. These beginning exercises help build a solid foundation.

As you progress through the book, some do require more thought and reflection, while others are simpler and require just a few moments to pause.

Kelly has also allowed space for self-reflection at the end of each section. While the book is broken down into four clear parts, each exercise can stand alone. There is no need to follow the numerical order or even to complete every single exercise. However, focussing on just one exercise at a time is beneficial.

Each one features a wee story from Kelly as to why she has included it, often including a personal touch. These personal stories, as well as quirky illustrations, make the reader feel encouraged and supported throughout their journey of the book.

Singing in the Rain is a great toolkit of strategies to help people focus on their wellbeing. It serves as a great physical way to guide readers towards a sense of peace and resilience.

Reviewer: Rebekah Fraser

Faber, RRP $27.99


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