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Share Said The Rooster by Pamela Allen

This is the story of two little men who refuse to share, time and time again. They won't share a sticky bun, or boots painted blue. They won't share an apple or an umbrella. The final problem is whether or not they will share a boat out on the water.

This is the board book edition of author Pamela Allen's book that was originally published in 2006.

I'll admit, I've never really seen the appeal of this story. You think that Billy and Ben might learn their lesson about sharing when their lives depend on a boat. With that realisation, the preschoolers this story is aimed at will in turn come to learn the importance of sharing in a nice, gentle way.

But no, Allen has other ideas. The two little men refuse to share the boat and the final page shows the pair sinking beneath the waves.

It's a brutal way to illustrate sharing, which seems even more dark with the book printed as a board book, which is aimed at the littlest of readers. This is an intense story for toddlers, and my new entrant children were rattled by it. While the text says "nearly lost their lives", the final line of the book is more chilling, especially when paired with the illustrations.

Allen is a prolific writer of children's books that I adore. But Share Said The Rooster is one that was perhaps best left as it was. Pick up Allen's wonderful books Grandpa and Thomas or Who Sank the Boat instead.

Reviewed by: Rebekah Lyell

OneTree House, RRP $22.


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