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See Hear by Tania McCartney and Jess Racklyeft

Updated: May 9, 2018

This innovative book is actually two stories in one, using a clever flip-book format to explore two senses.

The sequel to the best-selling Smile Cry, Piglet, Bunny and Cat return to our pages in a whimsical sensory adventure. The trio encourage children to explore the multitude of ways they can engage with the world around them, particularly via the senses of sight and sound.

Each sense has it's own side of the book, with a clever middle page combining the two. Simply flip the book over to explore the other.

From spotting shapes in clouds to hearing 'hot pan sizzles' as a favourite meal is prepared, children get to experience a sensory adventure.

The gorgeous illustrations are particularly delightful, while it's also a fantastic book to read aloud.

While it may seem like a simple book, every reading has led to rich conversations with our preschoolers. It's become a lovely calming story to read before bed, or when the day is getting a little overwhelming, giving us all a moment to pause and take in what we see and hear.

While it's led to discussion about our senses, the flippable book has both surprised and confused. It's a neat concept that has unintentionally led to talk of print conventions and where the story begins and ends. As well as great book to read snuggled up on the laps of their parents, it'd make an invaluable addition to any early childhood education centre.

McCartney is a "juvenile literacy champion", and is a current ambassador for the Chief Minster's Reading Challenge in Australia. It is absolutely evident through See Hear just how passionate she is about raising readers.

This delightful little book should be in the hands of every little reader.

Reviewer: Rebekah Fraser

Exisle Publishing, RRP $24.99


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