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Save Make Do by Lyn Webster

Budgeting guru Lyn Webster, best known for only spending $1000 a year at the supermarket, returns with Save Make Do, a book on sustainable living and smarter shopping.

When the recession left Lyn with no cash savings, she was forced to cut back on living costs. Learning to make a little go a long way, she slashed her grocery bill to less than $100 a week. Lyn insists her family of five did not go hungry and in Save Make Do, she shows how.

Helpful tips include not shopping when you are hungry, sticking to a list, comparing prices, buying seasonal produce and bulk buying.

There is nothing new about the Save Make Do concept says Lyn, who lives with her family in Northland, New Zealand. Being frugal and living within our means is something our great-grandmothers prided themselves on. They had probably never heard of environmental sustainability, instead they experienced years of rationing and world wars, she explains.

If you are considering a zero-waste lifestyle, Save Make Do is a great place to start. It is packed with practical, inexpensive and effective ideas. It also features recipes and environmentally friendly ways to save money that will also help you achieve financial freedom. There’s useful chapters on gardening, making your own cosmetics and cleaning products.

I’m going to explore replacing some branded products for baking soda and white vinegar for simple home cleaning. As Lyn explains, the self-sufficiency habits she has formed are also important lessons to inspire her children. Her recipes for lip balms, moisturiser, toothpaste and shampoo will also be fun activities for my family too.

Reviewer: Andrea Molloy Penguin Random House, RRP $25.00


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