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Running the Country: A look inside New Zealand's Government by Maria Gill

How does Parliament work? Who's who? What exactly do Members of Parliament (MPs) do? How does the Government keep New Zealand running smoothly? Maria Gill's Running the Country answers these questions and more. This updated edition includes the 2017 election results and the appointment of the Rt Hon Jacinda Ardern as Prime Minister. Maria also clearly explains how MMP impacted the way our current Government was formed.

I read this book with my eight year old daughter and she particularly enjoyed learning why it's necessary to have laws and how decisions are made. We found interesting facts and statistics amongst the treasure trove of information. The leader's mini profiles, illustrated by cartoonist Malcolm Evans were a favourite too. We also enjoyed the 'Google this' feature for further learning and the timeline mapping New Zealand's history.

Maria's accessible writing style make this book an incredibly user friendly resource for families and classrooms. While focused on New Zealand, there were also interesting chapters on social problems, children's rights and human rights around the world. After reading this book, I suspect a visit to the Beehive will be included in our next family holiday to Wellington!

Reviewer: Andrea Molloy New Holland Publishers, RRP $26.99


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