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Rings on Water by Madeleine Eskedahl

This thrilling crime novel starts with a man being lost overboard when a narcotics pick-up at sea goes wrong. Then a young woman is found dead on a beach, and Sergeant Bill Granger is called on to investigate, along with young constable Niko Sopoaga. They find themselves investigating a dangerous underworld of drug dealing with a ruthless killer on the loose.

Meanwhile, Bill’s wife Annika prepares for an art exhibition, and she befriends newcomer Crystal, who is in a controlling relationship with her partner Andrei. Annika takes the young woman under her wing but is increasingly worried that the smooth, charming man Crystal is with is not what he appears, and when Crystal overhears a conversation, she is shocked and frightened.

Bill had hoped for a quiet off-season in Matakana. Instead, a complex web of small-town secrets and a desire for revenge will soon place Bill’s family in danger. You will never look at Matakana the same way again after reading this page-turning, exhilarating book.

I am looking forward to the next crime novel from this talented author! Rings on Water has characters to care for and a wonderful sense of place.

Reviewer: Karen McMillan

Matheson Bay Press


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