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Professional in Pajamas by Karen Adamedes

Have you recently found yourself working from home (WFH)? Did you think it would be easy and nothing could go wrong? Sure, WFH offers freedom and flexibility, but it also has its drawbacks.

Just a few months ago, WFH was no longer seen as an employee perk, but a legitimate way of working. Then almost overnight, due to COVID-19, it became mandatory for millions. By staying home and staying safe, we help minimise the spread of the virus.

However, working from home will be challenging if you are sharing space, supervising home learning or battling for broadband. The good news is that there are ways to make it work and author, Karen Adamedes expertly shows you how.

“I have worked at home as both as an employee and as the Principal of my own consultancy business. I love setting my own routine, wearing whatever I feel comfortable in (as long as I don’t have a video conference), and being able to talk on the phone as loudly as I like,” says Karen.

After comparing notes with others who work from home, Karen discovered many struggle with the same challenges. Karen soon found herself on a quest to figure out how to make WFH really work. Thankfully, she has shared her findings for our benefit!

Professional in Pajamas offers 101 tips for WFH, including how to:

· get your work done and be productive.

· balance work and home.

· know the technology you need.

· maximise your impact on calls.

· stay top of mind by keeping in touch.

· develop your career.

· prioritise your wellbeing.

If you are new to WFH or want to reboot your remote routine, Professional in Pajamas offers a treasure trove of tips and tricks. There’s no doubt the current digital pivot will bring a dramatic change in the way people work, with many considering WFH as a longer term option. Karen’s advice and insight is timely and will help many navigate remote working.

Karen Adamedes has worked from home for over a decade and this is her second book. Follow Karen online at

Reviewer: Andrea Molloy

Abney Hall

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