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PenguinKind by Carolyn Managh

The COVID-19 pandemic has further highlighted the direct link between nature, health and the world economy. Do you want to know how to help make a difference so humanity, wildlife and the planet can respectfully co-exist?

Reduce, reuse and recycle! We’ve heard it before, but how many times have your efforts faltered? Then this is the book for you – featuring 501 small sustainable actions under $100.

Did you know that penguins are an indicator species for ocean health and in this book they are ambassadors for all wildlife? Their stories are featured throughout this book to remind us why we need to do everything we can to help nature rebalance.

This practical guide features actions that can be easily incorporated into everyday life. There’s tips for saving energy, cleaning, body products, reducing food waste, the impact of travel and fashion. I particularly liked the chapter on sustainable gift giving and the recipes for apples, bananas and tomatoes. Ideas like measuring laundry detergent, rather than mindlessly pouring, make perfect sense and every little action can help make a difference. Even reducing water usage by timing showers can be made into a fun activity for kids. There’s also some great ideas for reducing screen time that everyone can benefit from – while helping save the environment! I am also keen to experiment with DIY beauty products, especially transforming coffee grinds into a face scrub!

“Most people really want to be more sustainable in their daily lives, but without guidance as to the hundreds of specific actions that could easily be adopted, they defer responsibility to corporates and governments. There is also the widespread perception that the small actions of individuals don’t add up to much, Multiply this thought by the 1.3 billion citizens of developed countries and you start to see that nothing could be further from the truth,” says author Carolyn Managh.

This is a book every household could benefit from! Whether you are flatting, live alone or with others, PenguinKind has hundreds of actions to choose from. To get started, choose a few or several, then keep adding small sustainable actions to your everyday life. Plus, 20 percent of profits from book sales are being donated to penguin conservation. Learn more about PenguinKind.

Reviewer: Andrea Molloy RRP $39.99


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