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Pelorus Jack, the Dolphin Guide by Susan Brocker

This is the heart-warming story of Pelorus Jack, the Risso's dolphin who delighted passengers as he guided ships through the rough waters of French Pass into the calm waters of Marlborough Sounds.

For more than 24 years the rare white dolphin captured the hearts of steamship passengers as he swam alongside them.

Author Susan Brocker once again brings a true animal story to life for children. Brocker uses some wonderful descriptive words within the book, making it a delight to read - the opening sentence "The moon-white dolphin glided through the glittering sea" provides a hint of what to expect.

The author again pairs up with illustrator Raymond McGrath. The talented duo have also collaborated on other animal tales, including Bess The Brave War Horse and Friday The Rebel Dog. McGrath's illustrations are detailed and full of character. A wide-angle picture of New Zealand's shores, featuring Pelorus Jack jumping from the water, sets the scene beautifully. Pelorus's playful nature is captured with plenty of emotion. The final illustration, featuring Pelorus Jack's spirit, is beautiful and a fitting tribute for a remarkable animal. The end pages and McGrath's blue palette are a great choice.

Brocker also includes a short one-pager with more facts about Pelorus Jack, making it a great jumping off point for readers to explore further.

This is a great addition to historical fiction for children, telling the tale of Pelorus Jack in a fun and interesting way.

Reviewer: Rebekah Lyell



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