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One Size Does Not Fit All by Lisa Jansen

Why do so many of us struggle to live fulfilling lives, despite the huge amount of readily available information?

New Zealand author Lisa Jansen’s own frustration with generic advice is what inspired her to write a book about finding happiness.

“I came to understand that happiness is different for everyone. The kind of life that will be fulfilling and happy for me is different from the life that will be happy for other people around me,” she says. In One Size Does Not Fit All, Lisa offers a fresh perspective on finding happiness. Instead of providing one-size-fits-all advice, Lisa shows how you can design your life based on your personal values.

Lisa shares her personal story of turning her own life around as a starting point from which she has carefully researched her first book.

“I turned from an unhappy, lost, uninspired, unhealthy and overweight person into someone who is fit and healthy, has a lot of meaning and purpose in her life and, most importantly, is happy and fulfilled. The thought that my experience and insights could help others was incredibly inspiring to me,” says Lisa of her journey of self-discovery. Coupled with Lisa’s jargon-free writing, there are many practical ideas and useful exercises in One Size Does Not Fit All. Lisa has done the hard work for us by reviewing happiness research and showing how to apply the learnings to our own lives.

Lisa gently guides you in discovering what matters most to you. By the time you reach Lisa’s Happiness Blueprint you will be ready to create your own strategy and learn how to put it into action.

Reviewer: Andrea Molloy

Mortons Books, RRP $25.95


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