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One Book Was All It Took by Wenda Shurety

Violet longs for a library full of exciting books she's never read before, but on this particular rainy day, the only unfamiliar book she can find is the one propping up the kitchen table.

Violet's actions set in motion an unstoppable chain of events that soon has the whole town in chaos. The young girl soon discovers that one book can change an entire community - from a wobbly table to a missed bus, vet visit and a hole in the roof.

It's a lighthearted story that celebrates literacy and the value of libraries. We all know a love of reading opens the door to adventure and learning. Spending time with books can also create special moments for adults to bond with younger readers. One Book Was All It Took helps foster that.

Author Wenda Shurety also gently introduces younger readers to the notion of taking action for positive change, that their ideas and voices are valued, and that actions can have consequences.

Illustrator Amy Calautti's bright and lively drawings add to the chaos of the story. The cartoon styled characters have great facial expressions and poses, and she takes care to reflect a vibrant, diverse community.

One Book Is All It Took is a great book to explore consequences and spark imaginations with that wonderful question, 'what if?'

Reviewer: Rebekah Lyell

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