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NZ Booklovers' Reading Challenge

For me, this year I failed miserably at reading. This year, I am doing everything in my power to increase how much I read. If, like me, one of your New Year’s resolutions is to read more in the New Year, then this list might help you. It challenges you to read a book a week, and if you are the type to stick to one or two genres (also like me), it might also broaden your literary horizons.

If there’s something I love equally as books, it’s lists – which is why this particular method of increasing my yearly book tally to one a week is compelling to me, and why I feel like I am up for the challenge and ready to take on the year. The biggest question now is where do I start? Do I start with the intriguing romance novel set in the past, or a book set in a country I’ve never visited but always wanted to?

52 books to read next year:

· A book by a New Zealand author

· A book you haven’t read since high school

· A book based on a movie

· A New York Times bestseller

· A self-help book

· A book published in a different century than what you were born in

· A book with a purple cover

· A book with a protagonist who is the same age as you

· A book with a protagonist who is half your age

· A book whose main character is an anti-hero

· A young adult bestseller

· A New Zealand Book Awards winner

· A book set in New Zealand

· A book set in your home town

· A book translated into English

· A mystery novel set in the future

· A romance novel set in the past

· A non-fiction book related to your occupation

· A biography

· A book written by a celebrity

· A book set in a country that you’ve never visited but want to

· A novella

· A book over 600 pages

· A book with a protagonist who is the opposite gender to you

· A book written by a female author

· A book written by an author with a pseudonym

· A book that is based on a film coming out this year

· A book published this year

· A book recommended by a stranger

· A book recommended by a family member

· A book you can finish in a day

· A graphic novel

· A steampunk novel

· A horror novel (read with the lights off)

· A novel where the protagonist isn’t human

· The first book you see in a bookstore or library

· An e-book

· A paperback

· A hardback

· One of the classics

· A book that takes place in a remote location (on an island, in space, underwater etc)

· A book that takes place in winter

· An Oprah’s book club title

· A book you discovered on social media

· A book where the protagonist has your name (or a version of your name)

· A travel novel

· A book that is guaranteed to make you cry

· A book that is guaranteed to make you laugh

· A book from the point of view of a villain

· A book written in second person perspective

· A book by your favourite author

· A book reviewed by NZ Booklovers

Jessica Ellen


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