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My Real Dog by Emily Joe

Some kids wish for brand new bikes, for fancy dolls or belts with spikes, but for one child, they've always known that they need a dog to call their own.

Author Emily Joe's latest book celebrates all those dogs that don't bark, or steal food, or roll in smelly things. It's the perfect book for anyone that has ever wished for a real dog, but found themselves with a toy dog instead. Because what does a 'real' dog mean?

This is Joe's second book, her first being another great book about furry friends, My Cat Can See Ghosts. My Real Dog is just as delightful and quirky as her debut.

Joe doesn't force the rhyme in the book, making it an easy read aloud for families. The parents, and all their reasons as to why a dog is not right for their family, are instantly recognisable. A nice touch is that Joe never reveals the gender of the child telling the story. This makes it easy for little readers, many of whom will have wished for a pet at some point, to place themselves within the pages.

Joe keeps her signature artistic style this time around, with the colour palette and level of detail of her illustrations very minimal. This allows the character of the dog to shine.

My Real Dog is a sweet story about making the most out of your situation and celebrates the special relationship we have with our pets - no matter what sort they are.

Reviewed by Rebekah Lyell

Beatnik Publishing, RRP $30


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