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My Little Book of Bugs

This chunky board book is perfect for little critters who want to learn about... little critters.

Sixteen native bugs from Te Papa’s collection - all of which could be found in your own backyard! - are captured in a series of close-up stills in glorious, vivid detail. (I nearly stroked the furry moth with my finger, it looked so real.)

The accompanying text - in both English and te reo Māori - gives an interesting gem or two about each critter. (Dragonflies can catch other insects while flying in the air - who knew?)

From the turquoise-armoured pāpapa (beetle) to the humble housefly, to the loudest insects in the world (drumroll please… cicadas!), this book is sure to satisfy your budding entomologist.

Reviewer: Stacey Anyan

Te Papa Press - $19.99


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