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My Cat Can See Ghosts by Emily Joe

What on earth is causing the cat to zoom, skitter and kung-fu kick the air? Could it be a ghost?

My Cat Can See Ghosts is a delightful tale that celebrates our feline friends and all their quirks. Author and illustrator Emily Joe makes a strong case as to why cats deserve a warm spot on our beds after a busy day spent keeping all the ghosts away.

This book arrived at the ideal time for us - our youngest is scared of 'monsters' and we have always told her our cat keeps us safe. We thought this book would help our cause. Sadly that wasn't the case, it's just a little too 'scary' for our more delicate daughter. But, for our eldest, this book has gone straight to the top of her favourites list.

Joe captures this black cat and his quirks perfectly. Every cat lover will immediately recognise our feline friends and their habits depicted in this story, from the hallway hyperactive zoomies to the randomly staring into space. The wide eyes and kung-fu kicks had our daughter roaring in laughter, leaping around the house mimicking the cat perfectly.

Joe incorporates her handwriting into the book, using a minimal palette and sparse details to really let the cat shine. While the illustrations are all digital, there's a rustic hand-drawn feel to it.

My Cat Can See Ghosts is a unique, delightful and purr-fect love letter to our feline friends.

Reviewed by: Rebekah Lyell

Beatnik Publishing, RRP $30


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