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My Body My Taonga by Rosalind Harrison

My Body My Taonga is a sensitively written book that allows children to learn about body safety. The book is written with the aim of helping children understand privacy and body boundaries, recognise unsafe behaviour, know who their trusted adults are, trust their instincts, and get help if needed. It’s not a book to race through, but rather a book to look at a few pages at a time so children can ask questions and talk about the content of each section.

The book features Ruby and Rawiri, who are best friends, and they take the reader through all the aspects above in a child-friendly way and with everyday examples that children will understand. The book asks questions and gives various helpful scenarios, so children will learn about real-life situations where they might be open to abuse and what to do if these types of situations occur.

The author has teamed up with illustrator Suzanne Simpson to create this bright and cheerful picture book that is an invaluable aid for children to learn essential life skills.

At the back of the book is a te reo Māori Glossary and a list of related services, resources and support, which is a valuable addition to this book.

My Body My Taonga is an excellent book to help families navigate important conversations about body safety with their children.

Reviewer: Karen McMillan



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