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Moonlight Mission by Laura Shallcrass

Laura Shallcrass is an artist and author who lives in Queenstown. She has won many awards for her children’s books, and her latest Moonlight Mission, has the same intricate, utterly beautiful illustration style as her first two books.

The book opens with Kunekune and Hare sleeping under a peach tree. Kunehune is dreaming about flying. Hare is dreaming of food. They wake and realise that someone has been taking peaches from the tree, so they attempt to mount a defence to protect the precious food that remains. But it turns out in this instance, this isn’t the right approach.

Moonlight Mission is a beautiful story about the importance of community and working together, and the illustrations are simply stunning. This children's picture book will enchant the entire family. Another treasure of a book from this talented creative.

Reviewer: Karen McMillan

Beatnik Publishing


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